Asian Biodiversity Center (ABC) is a joint venture initiative between Revongen Corporation Sdn Bhd (REVCORP), and Pahang Technology Resources Sdn Bhd (PTR). REVCORP is a regional bioscience conglomerate with business divisions in life science research, biomedical technology and bio-prospecting whilst PTR is a Pahang state-owned company. This collaboration is set up to manage, develop and run an innovative and interactive biodiversity web portal.

The establishment of ABC is initiated to strengthen national and regional networks, resources and capacity on biodiversity via promoting the exchange of knowledge, facilitation of cooperation and exploration of commercial opportunities.

We strive to create, promote and develop a global networking platform to gather diverse groups of people to capture, exchange and utilise data on biodiversity in Malaysia and the Asian region for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. This may include general public, researchers, private sectors, government-linked sectors, academic institutions, commercial parties, civil societies and donor communities.

1To showcase the breadth and depth of biodiversity in Malaysia and other Asian countries.

2To draw diverse groups to share and exchange data, ideas, articles, databases, journals, graphics, videos, blogs, comments etc. with the theme of biodiversity and topics in relation to our natural heritage.

3To collate, manage and analyse the collection of biodiversity data contributed by depositors and end users of this web portal and to transform that into a value-added database.

4To promote awareness in order to protect and conserve natural resources for sustainable use and in return contribute to social, economic and environmental benefits.

5To facilitate cooperation and collaboration among the corporate sector, academic institutions, state government, regional and international organizations on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

6To provide easy access on information about nature and culture for public and commercial players to encourage growth of ecotourism towards realizing income generation for conservation and economic benefits of communities living in rural and remote areas.

According to the World Development Indicators, while Malaysia has only 0.2% of the land mass of the world, it has one of the richest biodiversity of fauna and flora in the world, second only to Indonesia in South East Asia. The 2001 Global Diversity Outlook recognized Malaysia as one of the 12 mega-diversity countries in the world, hosting grounds to more than 170 000 fauna and flora species.

Though there are lots of research activities related to biodiversity topics being carried out in Malaysia, no platform has been provided to all diverse groups to share and revel in our glorious heritage. Hence, this website is being set up with this purpose in mind.

We are adopting a broad inclusive and interactive approach to get all on board, depositors and users, so that we can leverage on highlighting unique contributions and niche collections to present an entirely new and novel approach to database mining. This uniqueness should also interest commercial end users as well as create new markets.

As the information comes in, we will align with best practices such as the Convention on Biodiversity guidelines for standardisation and global visibility.

Biodiversity is novelty and, if necessary, we will link the depositors and users together to explore commercial possibilities.

This website has been kept simple so as to encourage usage and further levels of sophistication will be added later.

There will be two key applications on the webpage:

1Asian Biodiversity Center (ABC) sighting map which includes two web applications

2Live regularly updated blog site.

The ABC website can serve in three main categories:

  1. Researchers
    • A platform to communicate with other people or researchers sharing common interests.
    • Function as a very useful tool for collecting and presenting observations on the wide variety of plants and animals in Malaysia. It is designed with the intention of involving the public and making use of the power of the public in data mining.
    • This application supports the rallying of a wide variety of observers and thus could contribute significantly to the early detection of new invasive alien, endangered or threatened animals and plants on our territory as well as provide urgently needed protection for our natural communities.
    • Function as a data miner and gathered information can also be made available to provincial, national and international geo-referenced data banks.
    • A platform to provoke data sharing among researchers
  2. The Public and Government
    • Function as an interactive gateway to biodiversity information for use by residents, landowners, land managers, municipal officials, planners, consultants, students or anyone else interested in the natural world.
    • Help raise awareness and provide a better understanding of the diversity of life in Malaysia.
    • Offer an initial indication of rare and protected animals and plants possibly in the vicinity for those involved in the planning or permitting of a project or action.
    • Offers a learning opportunity via easy access to the data and rich content including text, photos, videos, maps, charts and more, all collated and presented in meaningful ways.
    • Provide data for potential disease outbreak information to the public and government and to further assist in promoting a vector control campaign.
  3. Commerce
    • Serve as a resource to better inform land use decisions, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, and environmental assessment
    • This application can function as one source of information for landowners, land managers, citizens, local officials, and project sponsors engaged in land use decision making, conservation planning, or environmental assessment of proposed projects or actions.